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Location:California, United States of America

Most of this journal is fandom related. If I bump into you on the net somewhere that's not fandom related and through some bizarre cosmic happenstance you think I'm going to be interesting to have as an LJ friend, please keep in mind that unless your into fandom that's most likely not going to be true. You can certainly still friend me, and I pretty much always friend back, but you're probably going to see less social introspection from me and way more flailing because something sucked on TV. That's really what this journal is for - because fandom is an awesome hobby and I love it with all of my nit-picking, super-critical, hating-everything heart. <3

I'm generally a low maintenance person. I enjoy discussion and debate, but only with people with a sense of humor. This is a no drama zone. I'm really too old to fight over any of the content on this journal.

None of my original fiction will be posted on this journal. I'm just not ready to share it with absolutely everyone who has access to the internet. This journal is simply for the lighthearted purpose of discussions and fiction related to fandom.

The stories posted in this journal are shipper fics. I might be adding a few that aren't, but this will mostly house stories that revolve around couples. If you're not into those couples then you might not want to read them. If you hate the ship or one of the main characters then I'm definitely going to suggest that you think about giving the stories here a pass. It's generally just easier for everyone that way.

That's pretty much the extent of the warning. lol

Real life:

Like I said, this is mostly a fandom journal. However, I do use it at times to connect with people, groups, and resources concerning mental illness. I'm pretty open about being bipolar, so it's not a taboo subject here.

However, I'm going to ask that if you have a disagreement with me and you read this, not to use my bipolar to disregard my POV. Mental illness doesn't mean I'm automatically wrong and it doesn't mean that you're automatically right. It also doesn't keep me from being a jerk sometimes. If you think I'm being a jerk, I'd prefer that you go with that assessment of my character before blaming it all on the fact that I'm bipolar. I've had many years to see the red flags of an oncoming mood shift and I know when to give interacting with people a rest because I'm not in a good place.

So please understand that my being mentally ill doesn't negate the chances that I might be acting like an ass, nor does it rule out the possibility that you might be.



I tweaked the colors and background, but all the important and difficult parts of the journal were designed by [info]nicktess @ [info]open_distance.
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